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Monday, October 13, 2008

This is not the end...

Yesterday was a hard day for me – we had an excellent service Sunday morning – and my dad shared his heart beautifully, the same with Sunday night. But Sunday morning is what really got me to thinking…I run the video/projection system for our church and when Dad read his scripture text – well he didn’t have a title for his message. While he was praying after reading the scripture he said the words….”This is not the end…” and while everyone was being seated that’s what he had them say to each other. That thought struck me so deep – I’ve been going through quite a lot here lately – hopefully I’ll be able to detail some of those things at a later time, but for now I’ll just tell you that with everything going on in my life I feel like my faith had become a little strained.

So many times I’ve read in scripture about how the disciples had “little” faith, to me that’s the kind of faith that I have been stuck in – it’s not that I don’t think my Savior can take care of me but spiritually I just felt so drained, tired of all the “stuff” that happens around church. I guess it’s the downfall of being the pastor’s oldest daughter, my sister and I know when things are going on that trouble our parents….so I know I’ve let those things get into my mind lately. But yesterday morning’s thought “This is not the end…” it struck me in such a powerful way.

For me, and any other child of God, who has been set free from sins bondage and bought by the blood of Jesus Christ….this is not the end….this is only the beginning….a dress rehearsal for Heaven. I have to tell you, I’ve know that for years….but just the simple reminder that no matter what happens in this life….for me …. This is not the end was so powerful and exactly what I needed yesterday.
So thanks Dad, for listening and being obedient to the calling of Christ. I wouldn’t trade anything for the heritage that I have been given by being a Pastor’s daughter, and I’m so proud of him and my mom and my sister. I know this is not the end….but only the beginning of great things to come.

The inner thoughts keep on screaming!

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