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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the World spins too fast....

So what has been going on with my life as of late…well what hasn’t been happening lately would be the more appropriate question. I started out this year in one of the biggest struggles mentally I have ever been in my life. Lots of crazy things have happened and it’s just way to complicated to go into all the details but it just seems that it has been one thing after another.

So here’s what I can say….I now blog as a unemployed person. I was let go from my position and the why’s and the answers to the why’s make me mad, sad, and feeling completely worthless and as I said before going still through the biggest mental struggle of my life. All I can say is now I have to look for a new job, but what I can say is this….I know God will provide for me. I understand that people are selfish in their thoughts and I didn’t exactly fit the mold they thought I should, so you know what I say to that, do what you want you will answer for those things, but I serve a risen Savior who is going to take care of me and I know that He is going to be with me through this whole situation.

The one thing I can say is now I have the time I have been wanting to blog and get caught up on my writing. I have always thought of the idea of writing a book and so maybe this will be the time I can work on it since I have already started it.

So with everything that has happened this year why do I say that the world spins too fast, because truthfully I spent this whole year working every single day - my regular job - a part time job - and then a job I volunteer at -- and it seems this year has flown by and I haven’t gotten to do half of what I needed/wanted to do but now the full time job is gone, I finished the part time job, and the volunteer job went away as well, so now my world has slowed and while I’m in a lot of pain emotionally and mentally, it’s a brand new period for me and my world doesn’t quite spin so fast anymore.

Looking for the great possibilities ahead!

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