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Friday, March 13, 2009

It's in my brain....it's in my heart

Today as I was working at paperwork at the office I caught the glimpse of a picture of a friend of mine. This friend is not your ordinary type of friend, I don’t get to see this friend everyday, I don’t even get to talk to him, but he reminds a dear sweet friend. My friend Ever is from San Marcos de Colon Honduras CA. I’ve got to spend only mere days with him on missions’ trips I have been on over the last three years.
The reason I guess I thought about him was because of a song that was in my head. It is a praise and worship chorus “Open the Eyes of My Heart”. This song has a powerful meaning to me because of being in Honduras hearing Ever sing this song. Ever is a young man whose heart is so humble and I admire him so much. He wants to go to school and learn English to become a translator and to be able to travel with us and translate for us when we come to Honduras and then one day he dreams of coming to the United States and preaching the Gospel of Christ and doing so both in English and Spanish.
Even typing this blog now I can here Ever singing, “Holy Holy Holy, I want to see you” – the most beautiful English words I’ve ever heard sang. They may not mean much to anyone else, but Ever is just learning English so he’s vocabulary and our communication with each other has to be done through a translator, but when “Open the Eyes of My Heart” is sang, he can sing those words in English and we don’t need a translator to express the power of those few words. The thing is it’s part of the way I’ve also been able to learn Spanish which I am trying my hardest to do so I can talk to all my friends in Honduras without a translator. You see when Ever sings “Holy Holy Holy I want to see you” I sing “Santo Santo Santo yo quiero verde”
Because of the day I was having those words just keep playing over and over in my mind, I would love to be able to hear him singing them now but it’s in my brain, and it’s in my heart, and I know that God placed that song in my mind today, because it’s exactly what I needed to do…Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord I want to see You!

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