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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Have to share my miracle story...

For 3 days I have had excrutiating pain in my right ankle - it's been horrible -- I have a lot of ankle issues anyway - but I could barely walk on my foot -- well be as it may my sister im'd me this morning and asked if I would come pick her up at lunch time and go to lunch together and run a few errands - I of course said yes - any chance to hang out with my sister/best friend.

Well we decided to go to Long John Silver's and I was limping and in pain with my foot - we ate had a great conversation and when we were leaving I got ready to step off the side walk going to the car and my right ankle popped -- it almost brought me to tears -- well as the miracle of the story happens -- my foot popping was God's way of healing my foot -- while it's a little tender still - I can walk on it just fine!!!!

Thank you Lord for your healing power.
With my miracle in my mind - it made me think - have you had a miracle happen lately that you would like to share -- please feel free to comment back - I would love to hear of what God is doing for you.

The inner thoughts keep on screaming!

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