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Monday, November 17, 2008

The countdown is on....

While others at this time of the year begin their countdown to Thanksgiving - countdown to Christmas - countdown to the New Year - at this point - I'm doing lots of count downs.

Count down to Thanksgiving -- 10 days
Count down to HONDURAS trip -- 12 days
Count down to Christmas play - 32/33 - were having it 2 nights
Count down to Christmas - 38 days
Count down to New Year - 44 days
Count down to My Neice's Birth -- about 94 days!!!!

Lots of excitement happening in my life

Can't wait until Thanksgiving to spend time with family; can't wait to get to San Marcos de Colon Honduras and spend time with dear friends. I'm all about Christmas so even last week I was playing Christmas music. Of course the New Year brings times of reflection and time to make myself change some things -- and then the thing I can't wait for is the birht of my neice in Feb. -- even her 4 year old brother is getting excited now!!! While I don't have children of my own yet - I love my nephew more than words and I know that's how I already feel about my neice - so I guess until God allows me to have children - I'll have to live my dreams through him and soon her.

Just a day of countdown thinking for me.
What are some things that you are counting down?

the inner thoughts roll on...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Have to share my miracle story...

For 3 days I have had excrutiating pain in my right ankle - it's been horrible -- I have a lot of ankle issues anyway - but I could barely walk on my foot -- well be as it may my sister im'd me this morning and asked if I would come pick her up at lunch time and go to lunch together and run a few errands - I of course said yes - any chance to hang out with my sister/best friend.

Well we decided to go to Long John Silver's and I was limping and in pain with my foot - we ate had a great conversation and when we were leaving I got ready to step off the side walk going to the car and my right ankle popped -- it almost brought me to tears -- well as the miracle of the story happens -- my foot popping was God's way of healing my foot -- while it's a little tender still - I can walk on it just fine!!!!

Thank you Lord for your healing power.
With my miracle in my mind - it made me think - have you had a miracle happen lately that you would like to share -- please feel free to comment back - I would love to hear of what God is doing for you.

The inner thoughts keep on screaming!