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Friday, October 8, 2010

On a day like this....

As a kid me and my sister used to sing this little silly song and to be honest I'm not even sure where we heard it, but it went "On a day like this On a day like this On a day like this Oh....I need the Lord to help me" and after you said oh you had to do different things like clap, stomp your feet, and make different sounds and the song went on over and over like that about 5 times. It was a funny song to sing and it never failed with us that we would sing it until we got on Dad or Mom's nerves - cause we always sang it when we were in the car riding somewhere!

It's funny that I think about that song because this past week has been one of those weeks and while I haven't went around singing that song Ihave thought on some days on a day like this boy do I ever need the Lord to help me! I think I've went through tons of emotions this week but in the end I stand on God's promises knowing that no matter what comes my way that He is faitful and He will take care of me!!!

While I was thinking about that song I kept thinking on the joy we used to got out of singing that song until it annoyed someone when we were litte and even now we sing it for my neice and she thinks it's funny. The thing about that song is not that were every having a bad day - it's just a funny song that you really sing it because of the different songs and hand jestures you make. I'm convinced that my sister and I didn't even realize what we were really singing until the song was so stuck in our head that we can't get rid of it.

I think that's how we are sometimes! As a Christian sometimes we let the world get us so aggrivated that we just feel like giving up, when really what we should be doing insead of singing about how frustrated we are, we should be singing songs like "Stand Still and let God move" or "From the depths of my heart Lord I'm calling out to you" or songs like "I am not forgotten I am not forgotten He knows my name!"

So I say lets purpose for this week to overcome those things that are weighting us down!

these are my thoughts....my inner thoughts roll on...

Trish D