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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a trip....

What a trip! Yea I'm talking about Honduras....by far this was the best year yet of all the years I have been going to Honduras.... my heart is so full of so many things. I saw so many great things!

I sat on the veranda of the Hotel Shalom and I looked at all the things we had to give to the children for Christmas and my heart became so full to know that these children were going to get such a wonderful Christmas gift. It also made my heart break to know that I wanted to give those children so much more.

There were so many wonderful things that happened. I will try to take the next few blogs and share what God did for me there. One thing I will always cherish is the quality time I got to spend with my girls, my sisters and my neices (they are Hondurian but they are family). I will so cherish the time I got to spend with Yasseli, Andrea, Sessia, and Diane, Alejandra, Carolina, Yojana, Olga; and the with boys like Ever, Ivan, Edwin, and others. I hope to share lots of photos of them on here soon! Soon I will share lots with you my heart is so full. The photo is of Yojana, Me, and Olga.

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