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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another life lesson - He keeps on teaching...

I’m striving to do better, to get more rest and sleep and get up on time and get to the gym before work…but here lately it’s just not been happening. The more I try to more I fail it seems. So in all of this I sit and think – the question everyone thinks – why is this always happening to me.

This week has made me say that several times. I’m in a week I like to refer to as “the week of Monday’s” – it was definitely a Monday on Monday; Tuesday was a Monday with all the stresses and could go wrongs happening, then I went to prayer meeting last night at the church and it was wonderful and I felt renewed – and had decided I was not going to let today be another Monday – well wouldn’t you know that I would oversleep this morning – far more than normal – I have to be at work (which is 30 minutes from my house) at 8 am – guess what – I woke up at 7:30 am this morning – I had 4 alarms going off and my phone ringing and didn’t hear any of it – I think I’ve settled on the fact that my body is exhausted – so to make my traumatic start to the day – being late which I hate being – I ran from the bedroom to bathroom to get into the shower – I turned on the water – jumped into the shower – and lost my breath – the water was so cold I couldn’t breath – so I began to think – in my sleepiness did I not turn on the hot water – I was freezing – but as my day would have it – I had the hot on – turned the cold off and still it was like ice water – well needless to say my husband called the maintenance man at our apartment and they are now replacing the hot water heater.

So what’s the life lesson that God’s teaching me….well I haven’t figured it all out yet – but I know this is another one of His life lessons – I don’t think it’s as much a patience thing – cause I sure didn’t pray for that – but I think it’s about the busyness of life – I know I need more rest – so I think this is part of the lesson I’m being taught right now – is to take care of myself – and after all that has happened this morning – I know that God has a sense of humor – cause I can sure imagining Him and Jesus sitting on the throne in Heaven about to fall out of their chairs laughing at my facial expressions when the more than normal sleepy Trish jumped into a shower unknowing that the hot water heater had busted.

With all this thinking – I’m curious – Has God been teaching anyone else life lessons or am I the only one?

The inner thoughts keep on screaming!

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